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About InfiniteBattle

InfiniteBattle is a brand new game type ogame . totally free and timeless MMORPG (Free to Play). In the world of this game you can go into having the most ordinary web browser.

InfiniteBattle This new type of strategic game played out in space in several large uniwersach.

InfiniteBattle has a brand new fighting engine, new ships, buildings, technologies, developed by TEAM.

Of the remaining games of this type makes it continuous development of ideas and openness to the players. In addition, well-functioning of ACS function [Alliance Combat System] and SD. At the start you get a completely free account with the PRO version of the famous Commodore other games.

You can not buy raw materials, of matter or antimatter for SMS everything is free and everyone has the same chances to become a stellar trafficker or a powerful ruler of the Empire.

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